It’s Not About What We Do, It’s About How We Do It

We Encourage Merchants To Build Extraordinary Shopify Stores

In 2019, a couple of visionaries from CedCommerce decided to explore Shopify. It didn’t take long for them to realize that this SaaS-driven platform is redefining how store set-up rules can blend with businesses with diverse needs.

Experience eCommerce With Shopify & CedCommerce

We are the children of CedCommerce - a client-first company passionate about building best-in-class, affordable multichannel solutions giving rise to seamless cross-border selling with a human touch.

We help merchants grow their business by connecting global marketplaces with their storefronts. Additionally, through the Shopify platform, our mission is to help merchants build their eCommerce storefront by blending store set-up rules per their business and brand needs.

40,000+ Merchants Rely On CedCommerce Experts. What About You?

CedCommerce Experts is a dedicated Shopify experts agency where our 70+ skilled developers, designers, coders, testers, marketers, and analysts help merchants build, grow and promote their business online with Shopify.

We build aesthetically pleasing stores on Shopify by blending front-end and back-end rules per your business needs.

Our vision is to build a community where our industry experts and merchants collaborate to develop a mutually beneficial space where we assist Shopify merchants in building, growing, optimizing, and scaling their ventures.

It’s All About Will & Passion To Do Something Amazing

More than 10 expert agencies and freelancers are there to build Shopify stores. But is it all about creating a store within 10 days?

Our team believes that every business is unique, and with the right skills, merchants can blend their storefronts as per their needs to enhance user experience, speed, look and feel, and functionality. Hence, we don’t just build Shopify stores. We are passionate about helping merchants with anything and everything with Shopify. Following 4 forces makes us different from other expert agencies -

ced-experts Collaborative

We don’t do it just for the sake of doing it. For every project, no matter how big or small, we get into rounds of discussions with our clients over coffee to paint a broader picture.

ced-experts Empathetic

We understand it takes a lot to start a venture. We support your business with our technical know-how and marketing capabilities to amplify your product value in the digital ecosystem.

ced-experts Professional

Our team is skilled in diverse fields, and they are passionate about seeing your business touch new heights of growth, visibility, and revenue generation.

ced-experts Dynamic

Building Shopify stores is just one of our fortes. At CedCommerce Experts, we believe in giving our clients a superior experience by helping them with anything and everything with their business on Shopify.

We Don’t Just Build Storefronts, We Build Globally Recognized Businesses.

High Quality Rugs Shopify Store
Trendy Athletic Wear Shopify Store
Women Clothing Shopify Store
Calendar and Print Shopify Store
Perfumes and Candles Shopify Store
Stylish Clothes Shopify Store
Urban Planet Shopify Store