Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solutions for a Brand Whose Mission is to Change The Beauty Industry

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Bronze Cactus Sunless aims to revolutionize fashion and beauty standards with its supreme range of tanning oils, teeth-whitening products, skincare, unisex apparel, and accessories. They wanted to increase their brand awareness, spread into markets, and generate focused leads ready to try something new. This was how they met our Shopify experts for digital marketing solutions.

ced-experts The Problem

Being nascent, Bronze Cactus struggled to penetrate its target market and fetch healthy leads. To kickstart their vision of a revolutionary beauty brand, digital campaigning was the next step—digital marketing solutions that attract potential customers by establishing a solid presence in the market.

ced-experts The Solution

Our team prepared a cost-effective and comprehensive digital marketing campaign for their Bronze Cactus, compiling 6 digital commerce touchpoints -


We identified and resolved 1095 on-page issues and prepared a result-driven on-page and off-page SEO strategy.

Paid advertising

Using apt campaign extensions, we created Google ads focused on generating leads and sales with a subtle emphasis on the brand.

Branding & Promotions

Our promotion schedule for Bronze Cactus got them an average ROAS of 3.5x.

Organic Branding & Optimization

We strengthened their presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, resulting in organic followership and brand engagement.

Email Marketing & Automation

To keep hold of loyal customers and encourage engagement, we took the help of email marketing automation and created funnel-specific email campaigns targeting, assisting, and encouraging shoppers across their journey.

Amazon Marketplace Services

We optimized their product listings, which helped us improve the overall health of their Amazon listings, visibility, and conversions.

ced-experts The Result

- Our cost-effective digital marketing solutions significantly improved their business and brand awareness. At least, this is what the numbers have to tell -

- By the time we resolved their on-page issues, Bronze Cactus had improved organic traffic, search engine rankings, and overall brand awareness. Their average position shifted to 38.8 from 48.

- Paid advertising campaigns led to a 575.49% increase in sales, a 274% increase in ROAS, and a 160% increase in conversion rates.

- We did awareness campaigns through blogging on trending topics with off-page promotions.

- Bronze Cactus generated a revenue of $13,491 from Klaviyo and $62,018 from email marketing solutions. Their ROAS stood at 993.7%.

- Their sales from Amazon Listings increased by 350%. Their total sales from this channel stand at $7000 with 7.86x returns on ad spending.

Our solutions helped Bronze Cactus establish a strong presence in its target markets to revolutionize the beauty industry. Cheers to our hardworking digital marketers having an eye for detail to blend the campaigns with business goals. We wish Bronze Cactus all the best on its journey ahead.