Capel Rugs - A Century-Old Rug Brand & Its Shopify Theme Migration

Commerce Experience Websites Migration

A little over 100 years ago, Leon Capel started his business of quality rugs intending to make American households cozy and class apart. To catch up with digital commerce, they signed up with Shopify. Recently, the brand realized the need to migrate its Shopify theme to provide a better shopping experience to its website visitors.

ced-experts The Problem

Capel Rugs operated on Shopify's Vantage theme that had limited scope for custom changes. Our experts helped them migrate their store from Shopify 1.0 to Shopify 2.0 and picked the most suitable theme for their business requirements.

ced-experts The Solution

Shopify Theme Migration - From Vantage Theme to Warehouse Theme

The first thing we did was migrate their store from the Vantage theme (1.0 theme) to Shopify's Warehouse theme (2.0 theme). The warehouse theme comparatively offers more flexibility than the Shopify Vantage theme and gives developers more room to tweak front-end and back-end touchpoints.


Product Page Customization

Shopify theme migration unlocked new opportunities to customize our client's product pages. We collaborated with Capel Rugs to understand their needs and aspirations. Then we added high-quality images and functionality where customers could hover over images to magnify products and see what they will buy.

Theme-Related Issues

Before handing over their store, we audited their storefront to fix broken links, missing images, and minor glitches. While migrating their theme, we worked closely with the management to ensure all their concerns were resolved before we handed the project to Capel Rugs.


ced-experts The Result

We introduced the concept of Shopify 2.0 to Capel Rugs and helped them with Shopify theme migration, followed by adding custom functionality to amplify the value of their products. We are in touch with Capel Rugs and assist them occasionally to see them become a leader in their niche.