Cute Clique’s Will to Improve Their Shopify Speed Score Helped Them Boost Conversions

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The US apparel industry is worth $1.5 trillion, and the feminine fashion industry is valued at approximately $180 billion. Cute Clique is a hyperactive Shopify store with a range of women's apparel and premium fashion accessories. But no matter how chic a product is, people don't prefer to shop from slow-loading storefronts. Cute Clique had a similar case.

ced-experts The Problem

This hyperactive fashion brand faced issues with Shopify's speed score. Due to this, their conversions had a drastic impact. Their store's smartphone homepage speed was 19, the collection page's speed was 20, and the product page's speed was 22. While on the desktop, their homepage's speed was 65, the collection page speed was 86, and the product page speed was 68.

According to research, a delay of even a single second in page-loading time can lead to a 7% cut in conversion rate, 11% page views, and 16% customer satisfaction.

ced-experts The Solution

Our expert team took the challenge to improve Cute Clique's Shopify speed score by working on their store's code and web layout without compromising their SEO or in-store functionality. To optimize their page load time, here's what we did -

  • Eliminate render-blocking resources
  • Deferring offscreen images
  • Minified CSS and JavaScript
  • Reduced unused CSS
  • Efficiently encoded images
  • Served images in next-gen format
  • Enabled text compression
  • Avoided multiple page redirects
  • Preloaded key requests

ced-experts The Result

Shopify speed score across Cute Clique's web pages improved after what we did. For desktops, their homepage speed was 95, the collection page was 96, and the product page speed was 98. While mobile devices' homepage speed stood at 59, collection page speed was 83, and product page speed was 88. Our developers helped the brand attain the page load time required to retain its customers and boost website traffic and conversion rate.