Refreshing Shopify Store Design That Revealed Their True Potential of I Love Characters

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The US toy and collectibles market was worth $12.5 billion in 2021. It is expected to grow at 10.1% CAGR. In this market is a prominent player with suitable toy collections to hook customers in the most captivating ways. But there was a significant issue with their Shopify store design.

ced-experts The Problem

I love characters is the official retailer of Luca & Rex (two famous characters from Disney production) along with 100s of toys and merchandise that blend according to mood, occasion, and festival. But even after having such a robust product catalog, they could not convert visitors into customers due to their not-so-hooking store layout and design.

ced-experts The Solution

Our team helped them migrate their store to Shopify 2.0 and worked on their design and layout from scratch. We started by sorting and organizing their collections into a functional drop-down menu, making it easy for visitors to find products per occasion.


We reserved a section for best-selling products and featured Luca and Rex on the homepage, which worked like a charm.


ced-experts The Result

With a refreshing Shopify store design, we did justice to their product catalog with smooth navigation, flow, an organized mega-menu, and the kind of graphics that are potent enough to stop visitors from scrolling through and checking what’s inside. Within a month, I love characters saw an upward shift in their website traffic and conversion, ultimately leading to an upward growth in sales. The management of I love characters appreciated our hard work and passion for growing their business, and now they are our recurring clients. This is the power of a captivating Shopify store design focused on giving a unique customer experience that makes it easy to convert website traffic into repeat customers.