Assisting Nothingfitsbut with PayPal Payment Gateway for Shopify

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Nothingfitsbut is a premium South Korean lifestyle label with the finest fabrics to offer US shoppers. Within months, the brand established itself as one of the trending Shopify stores known for its chic clothing and skincare solutions. However, there was a significant concern with the PayPal payment gateway app for Shopify.

ced-experts The Problem

The brand had everything in line. But they noticed visitors needed help placing orders through Shopify's PayPal payment gateway app.

ced-experts The Solution

The team at Nothingfits reached out to us with their issue, and we were determined to solve their problem. We exceeded their expectations, and within a couple of days, our team integrated the PayPal gateway app with their Shopify storefront.


They were so impressed with our work that they decided to continue with our suite of other services, and our developers helped them migrate to Shopify 2.0 and optimize their store's speed. Additionally, we assisted them with paid campaigns on Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram, along with video animation and image alignment.


ced-experts The Result

While our developers helped them solve their issues and optimize their store, our marketing and video team enhanced their visibility with cutting-edge motion graphics and paid advertising. For the past two years, we have been their trusted partners and assisted them in scaling their business.

We remain committed to them and are readily available regarding anything and everything related to Shopify, scaling up the business, and building a kickass brand on the internet.