How Shopify Speed Optimization Led to a Boost in Conversions for USimplySeason

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Responsive design, a well-organized menu, and page load time are the primary requisites of a fundamentally strong shopping website. USimplySeason is a brand that intensifies meals' flavor, taste, and aroma through its top-notch spices. But they needed help with a slow-loading storefront. Let's see how Shopify speed optimization led to a surge in website visits, daily order value, and conversions.

ced-experts The Problem

It's no surprise that shoppers expect storefronts to loading within 2 seconds or less. Slow-loading shopping websites lead to high bounce rates, low customer retention rates, and conversions.

Although they had a great product, USimplySeason needed help with a slow-loading Shopify store, so they could not bag orders and convert website visitors into customers. According to Google Lighthouse, their homepage's speed for desktop devices was 43, while for mobile devices, it was just 8. Collection pages, too, were not up to the standards, and their speed fluctuated between 19 to 79.

This is when USimplySeason felt the dire need for Shopify speed optimization.

ced-experts The Solution

Our developers stepped forward and were responsible for optimizing their store's speed. We started by a thorough audit of their Shopify store following by executing the following things step-by-step without damaging their SEO or in-store functionality.

  • Eliminate render-blocking resources
  • Deferring offscreen images
  • Minifying JavaScript
  • Serving images in next-gen formats
  • Text compression
  • Avoided multiple page redirects
  • Utilized video for animated content
  • Removed duplicate modules in JavaScript bundles
  • Preload LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) image
  • Avoid enormous network payloads
  • Used an efficient cache policy on static assets
  • Ensured all text remained visible during webfont loads
  • Minimizing third-party usage
  • Avoided large layout shifts, document.write(), and non-composited animations
  • Securing image elements have explicit width and height
  • Have a tag with width or initial scale

ced-experts The Result

We performed a full store audit after Shopify speed optimization, and here is what the audit report has to say about the speed of USimplySeason's storefront-

(Image showing the following data) -

For desktop devices,
  • Homepage score was 88
  • The collection page score was 82
  • The product page score was 98
For mobile devices,
  • The homepage score was 59
  • The collection page score was 77
  • The product page score was 61

Efforts of our development team helped the brand optimize the speed of its storefront. Within seven days, USimplySeason experienced a conversion surge and a drastic cut in bounce rates.