Smart Business Goals Helped Wonderkits Get 5.89x ROAS & Follower Base

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The US activewear industry is the world’s largest. By 2026, it is expected to fetch $85 billion. It is not hard to enter this vast segment, but competing with sharks in this industry is complex. Here is the growth story of Wonderkits, smart business goals, and digital campaigns that helped them compete with big players like a pro.

ced-experts The Problem

Prominent brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and others, it becomes quite challenging for new entrants to grab a pie from them. Additionally, the US activewear industry is the summation of rapidly evolving fashion trends, customer demands, and the need for a unique shopping experience.

Our challenge was positioning Wonderkits as a premium entrant in the US activewear market and connecting their products with potential customers to increase their revenue with a respectable return on investment. Secondly, we had to ensure that our digital campaigns strengthened their social presence, reach, and engagement.

After a bit of industry and store audit, we helped them develop smart business goals and strategies to achieve them.

ced-experts The Solution

We began auditing their target market and filtered them based on conversions, remarketing, and loyalty. Then we started by setting smart business goals, objectives, content, and analysis needed to energize Wonderkit’s business model.

We utilized user-generated content and formulated constructive descriptions with clear and easily accessible links. Through social media, we started spreading awareness about the brand, generated growth of 240% by investing in best-performing audiences, and our social media strategy boosted conversions by 2650% in the proceeding quarter.

We also did a thorough competitor analysis, studied market trends and buyer persona, and did a lot of hashtag research that helped us establish KPIs for performance management and optimizing social presence.

ced-experts The Result

Although initial costs were high, the return on investment was fruitful. Our strategy achieved the projected outcomes in the proceeding quarter. Following was the growth journey of Wonderkits -

  • On Instagram, we gained 5771 followers, 4.22 million impressions, 14.64K profile views, and 5126 clicks on the website, with an average reach of 22.251K per day.
  • We brought impressions up to 2 million on Facebook, with 520 likes and 13.47x page visits. The post count on Facebook and Instagram was 85 and 86, respectively.
  • Total and indirect revenue achieved through branding campaigns stood at $196,437.85, with a jump of 5080%. The brand also gained a massive 5.89 times ROAS, leading the average CPA by $10.
  • Revenue from social media was $92,554.19 in December, with a 50% cut in CPA. This enabled the brand to achieve a respectable ROI that can be invested.

Our digital marketing strategies helped the brand achieve its smart business goals and preserve inflows for long-term sustainability. We are confident that our assistance and approach will help the brand mark its presence in one of the most competitive industries in the US.