Luis’s Determination to Improve Their Shopify Site Speed That Leads an Upward Growth & Conversions

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Maison Luis is a top-class lifestyle and accessories brand based out of Italy, catering to the urban and modern generation with contemporary eyewear and lifestyle goodies. But Luis needed assistance with its slow-loading web pages. The brand’s determination to improve its Shopify site speed helped us connect with them.

ced-experts The Problem

Although they had a fantastic product portfolio, their store speed could have been better. Due to this, the brand struggled with a moderate conversion rate and month-over-month increase in bounce rates.

Scores on Google Lighthouse revealed that their homepage speed for desktops was 56, while on mobile devices was just 22. It was then that Maison Luis realized that they had to improve their Shopify site speed if they had plans to dominate this highly-competitive market.

ced-experts The Solution

he longer it takes for a page to load, the higher the chances of visitors leaving your storefront without adding anything to their carts, leading to bounce and moderate conversion rates.

Our expert team provided advanced optimization services to Luis to improve their Shopify storefront speed. This was how our roadmap looked like -

  • Proper image sizing
  • Deferring offscreen images
  • Minifying CSS and JavaScript
  • Image encoding
  • Using next-gen image formats
  • Enabled text compression
  • Avoiding multiple page redirects
  • Preload key requests
  • Used videos in place of animated content
  • Removed duplicate modules in JavaScript bundles
  • Minimized third-party usage
  • Used passive listeners to enhance the scrolling experience

ced-experts The Result

Our developers improved Shopify store speed on behalf of Maison Luis. After a thorough storefront audit, their homepage speed for desktops was 96, while for smartphones, it was 76. The score of collection pages was 93 for desktops and 87 for mobile phones, while the speed for product pages increased to 92 on desktops and 90 for mobile devices.

This ultimately resulted in a monthly surge in website traffic and converted visitors into repeat customers. Maison Luis’s improved Shopify site speed gave a competitive advantage to them, and now they are a dominant player in their respective niche.